Toro CCR 2450

Toro CCR 2450
  • Type: Single-Stage
  • Engine: 141cc 2-cycle
  • Clearing Width: 20”″
  • Starter: Recoil

Snowblower Specifications

  • Engine
    Brand Toro R*Tek
    Type Single stage
    Horsepower 141cc 2-cycle
    Starting System Recoil
    Fuel Tank 1.0 qt
  • Overview
    In-Dash_Headlights N/A
    Heated_Handles N/A
    Weight 71 lbs
    Consumer_Warranty 2-Year Full Coverage
    Commercial_Warranty N/A
  • Drive System
    Drive Power Propel Self-Propel
    Forward_Speeds N/A
    Reverse_Speeds N/A
    Tire_Type Alternate Bar Tread
    Tire_Size 7" x 1.5" (17.78 cm x 3.81 cm)
    Skid_Shoes N/A
  • Impeller
    Diameter N/A
    Profile N/A
  • Auger
    Clearing Width 20”
    Clearing Height 13”
    Material Rubber
  • Chute
    Material Plastic
    Chute_Rotation EZ Chute manual
    Turning_Radius 180°
    Max_Throwing_Distance 30 feet (9.14 meters)

Snowblower Reviews

  • good snowblower
    By Glenn(Owner), Jan. 15, 2012
    this does the job but a little more I would, and up-graded to a two stage snow blower. Now I have two
    • Performance
    • Interior
    • Quality & Reliability
    • Overall Value
  • Best Snowblower I ever used
    By Richard(Owner), Dec. 17, 2012
    Toro has always made a great product, but this has been exceptional. I have been tempted to sell my 2 stage blower as I hardly use it. I feel it prevents lawsuits as this machine will take the snow off down to the surface thus preventing ice forming and potential falls. I will be purchasing a newer model in the future, although it might be awhile as it probably won't deteriorate all that quickly. It's a tough unit.
    • Performance
    • Interior
    • Quality & Reliability
    • Overall Value

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