Simplicity P1524E

Simplicity P1524E
  • Type: Dual-Stage
  • Engine: 4 cycle / 14.5t.-lbs. Gross Torque
  • Clearing Width: 24" (61 cm)″
  • Starter: Electric with Recoil Back-up

Snowblower Specifications

  • Engine
    Brand Briggs & Stratton
    Type 2 stage
    Horsepower 4 cycle / 14.5t.-lbs. Gross Torque
    Starting System Electric with Recoil Back-up
    Fuel Tank 1 Gal.
  • Overview
    In-Dash_Headlights 27-watt Amber Halogen
    Heated_Handles Heated Hand grips
    Weight 240.0 lbs
    Consumer_Warranty 2-Yr Limited
    Commercial_Warranty 1-Year Limited
  • Drive System
    Drive Friction Disc-Drive
    Forward_Speeds 5 forward
    Reverse_Speeds 2 reverse
    Tire_Type X-trac
    Tire_Size 16"x4.8"
    Skid_Shoes Reversible
  • Impeller
    Diameter 12" (30.48 cm)
    Profile 4-blade
  • Auger
    Clearing Width 24" (61 cm)
    Clearing Height 19.75”
    Material Cast Iron
  • Chute
    Material 4" Steel
    Chute_Rotation Remote
    Turning_Radius 200° Electric
    Max_Throwing_Distance 40 feet (12.19 meters)

Snowblower Reviews

  • great.but
    By myles(Owner), Dec. 20, 2010
    The simplicity 1524 runs great and is tough however the button for the chute swivel is a royal pain to use!!!You can't hold the grips and push the button at the same time and I am not a clod! Its on the wrong side to start(right) it is easier to use on the left hand as that one is not as critical as the right for holding the traction down.Otherwise I have No complaints,its a great machine and I ve owned a few,stay away from Airen's it is a cheapened unit compared to units of 10 years ago.Even the mechanic say stay away! Go Toro or simplicity! My brother in law bought a arens and I repair it regularly plus have upgraded most of it to just work!
    • Performance
    • Interior
    • Quality & Reliability
    • Overall Value
  • shear pin disaster
    By Edward J. August(Owner), Dec. 5, 2014
    Had a simplicity snowblower for 25 years and a driveway 250 feet long. In all that time with many, many very heavy wet snows replaced a shear pin only once or twice.
    Have had this model 3 winters and a 65 foot driveway and have gone through 8 shear pins!!
    The maddening part is that when a pin shears the majority of the pin remains jammed in the auger and is nearly impossible to remove.
    A shame because this an otherwise good machine but I would warn against buying one.
    • Performance
    • Interior
    • Quality & Reliability
    • Overall Value

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