John Deere 726E

John Deere 726E
  • Type: Dual-Stage
  • Engine: 205cc OHV 900 series
  • Clearing Width: 26" (66 cm)″
  • Starter: 110V Electric/Recoil w/Large Mitten Grip

Snowblower Specifications

  • Engine
    Brand Briggs & Stratton
    Type 2 stage
    Horsepower 205cc OHV 900 series
    Starting System 110V Electric/Recoil w/Large Mitten Grip
    Fuel Tank 3qt (2.8L)
  • Overview
    In-Dash_Headlights N/A
    Heated_Handles N/A
    Weight 176.0 lbs
    Consumer_Warranty 2-Yr Limited
    Commercial_Warranty 90-Day Limited
  • Drive System
    Drive Friction Disc-Drive
    Forward_Speeds 6 forward
    Reverse_Speeds 2 reverse
    Tire_Type X-trac
    Tire_Size 13" x 5" (33x13 cm)
    Skid_Shoes Reversible
  • Impeller
    Diameter 10”
    Profile Steel 3-Blade
  • Auger
    Clearing Width 26" (66 cm)
    Clearing Height 17.5" (44cm)
    Material Aluminum
  • Chute
    Material Steel
    Chute_Rotation Manual
    Turning_Radius 190°
    Max_Throwing_Distance 30 feet (9.14 meters)

Snowblower Reviews

  • 726e
    By Dave Allison(Owner), Feb. 10, 2011
    You know what they say nothing runs like a Deere, again thats true, awesome machine, I have the 726e my first Deere, the smaller snowblower but I will put it against ant snowblower out there I'll never buy any other again. great machine.
    • Performance
    • Interior
    • Quality & Reliability
    • Overall Value
  • snow blower
    By John Zollner(Owner), Aug. 29, 2011
    For snow up to 14 inches found no problem with it. It didnt have drift cutters but instead of paying up to 30 bucks I made them with a couple of steel strapbars for 12 bucks and work very good. First use of machine was Feb 2011 durring the blizzard. Had 4 to 5 foot drifts but undercut drifts with side of machine and knocked down overhand and made pass again and it cleared it. For anything over 14 inches it will make you work a little bit. Chose this machine because our average snow fall is 6 to 10 inches a storm or less. Kind of pricey but chose it for the big Briggs and Stratten engine it came with. Satisified with it so far but only used it twice once for the feb Blizzard and one snow fall after that then put away as recieved no more significant storms after that
    • Performance
    • Interior
    • Quality & Reliability
    • Overall Value
  • Good quality, but not strong enough
    By Michael Carroll(Owner), Mar. 21, 2013
    I bought this one and it was very easy to use and cleared the powder out quickly, but I spent more time cleaning out the chute than moving when I hit the wet berm. Will return and get one of the lager models. The workmanship is great, but it's just too weak for wet snow.
    • Performance
    • Interior
    • Quality & Reliability
    • Overall Value
  • John deere 726E
    By Ken lewis (Owner), Dec. 5, 2015
    I am a john deere fan bought this new three years ago and it is a piece of junk runs great plugs up constantly broke two wear shoes big auger broke , had it welded new one was three hundred dollars
    • Performance
    • Interior
    • Quality & Reliability
    • Overall Value
    By Dennis Matthews(Owner), Dec. 18, 2015
    I am getting older and thought I should pay the extra money for a John Deer because I am disabled and don't want to have to mess around with the imported snowblowers. This blower h as not been right from the day I took it home. I immediately returned it because the starter rope recoil wouldn't work. The Moscow, Idaho JD shop, where I bought the snowblower, charged me $25 instead of honoring the warranty. Then it was very balky starting so back it went for them to try to fix that. I was charged for service again. Was told both times that owner was not in and he had to authorize warranty service. I needed machine so paid. Finally I discovered that the owner was in process of selling the dealership. So never was able to get satisfaction for having to pay repairs on new machine. I bought John Deer because I thought they had reliable machines and service. I finally had the machine repaired someplace else. The Moscow JD dealership also sells the "Stihl" line of tools. I bought the M55 2 stroke tiller. When I took this less than a year old machine in for a spring tuneup this dealer charged me $148. No parts. Just a tuneup on a machine that cost less than $400 new. I haven't set foot in this business since. I'd rather buy what WalMart sells and throw it away once in awhile. It's far less expensive in the long run.
    • Performance
    • Interior
    • Quality & Reliability
    • Overall Value

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