Husqvarna 924HV

Husqvarna 924HV
  • Type: Dual-Stage
  • Engine: 208 cc
  • Clearing Width: 24" (61 cm)″
  • Starter: 120-Volt Electric

Snowblower Specifications

  • Engine
    Brand LCT
    Type 2 stage
    Horsepower 208 cc
    Starting System 120-Volt Electric
    Fuel Tank 4qt (3.8L)
  • Overview
    In-Dash_Headlights Flood
    Heated_Handles N/A
    Weight 240.0 lbs
    Consumer_Warranty 2-Yr Limited
    Commercial_Warranty 1-Year Limited
  • Drive System
    Drive Chain drive
    Forward_Speeds 6 forward
    Reverse_Speeds 2 reverse
    Tire_Type X-trac
    Tire_Size 16 x 5 "
    Skid_Shoes Heavy Duty Skids
  • Impeller
    Diameter 12" (30.48 cm)
    Profile Steel 3-Blade
  • Auger
    Clearing Width 24" (61 cm)
    Clearing Height 23” (58.42cm)
    Material Serrated Steel
  • Chute
    Material Metal, powder-coated frame
    Chute_Rotation Remote
    Turning_Radius 180°
    Max_Throwing_Distance 30 feet (9.14 meters)

Snowblower Reviews

  • Husqvarna 924hv snow blower
    By Jerry Guarino(Owner), Dec. 3, 2010
    I ordered the 924hv snowblower based on the picture and the specs. paid in advanced and waited two weeks to be notified from lowes that it was in. When I went to pick it up the blower was nothing like what I ordered. hand grips were totally different, no triggers for locking wheels, complete operation was different then advertized. I looked at the manual and it did not have chain drive, the main reason I ordered a Husqarvna. I was totally disapointed. I tried to contact Husqvarna but no- knew anything about it and did not help. Lowes tried to find out why the unit was totally different but had no luck. The picture and the specs do not maTCH WHAT i PAID FOR. Lowes said to take it back. I am a very dissatifed customer and want what was advertized by Husqvarna and what I paid for. I do not recomend buying this unit unless either Lowes or Husqvarna makes it right. The manual states to get the parts at Sears. I'm sure that makes lowes happy! It appears that Husqvarna took the same model number and put it on a completly different unit. I have the orginal picture and specs of the unit I ordered. We will see if Lowes or Husqvarna
    takes care of their customers and satisfys them. I will update this review when and if they do that.
    • Performance
    • Interior
    • Quality & Reliability
    • Overall Value

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