Cub Cadet 528 SWE

Cub Cadet 528 SWE
  • Type: Dual-Stage
  • Engine: 357cc OHV 4-cycle
  • Clearing Width: 28" (71.2 cm)″
  • Starter: 110V/electric starter

Snowblower Specifications

  • Engine
    Brand Cub Cadet
    Type 2 stage
    Horsepower 357cc OHV 4-cycle
    Starting System 110V/electric starter
    Fuel Tank 5 qt
  • Overview
    In-Dash_Headlights In-Dash Headlights
    Heated_Handles Optional
    Weight 285 lbs.
    Consumer_Warranty 3-Yr Limited
    Commercial_Warranty 1-Year Limited
  • Drive System
    Drive Steerable wheel / Positive Traction
    Forward_Speeds 6 forward
    Reverse_Speeds 2 reverse
    Tire_Type X-trac
    Tire_Size 16” X 6.5”
    Skid_Shoes Rust-Resistant, Non-Marking, Reversible
  • Impeller
    Diameter 12”
    Profile Steel curved blade
  • Auger
    Clearing Width 28" (71.2 cm)
    Clearing Height 21" (53.3 cm)
    Material Heavy-duty stainless steel
  • Chute
    Material Polymer
    Chute_Rotation 4-way
    Turning_Radius 200°
    Max_Throwing_Distance Up to 45 feet

Snowblower Reviews

  • Big disappointment
    By Tim Moynihan(Owner), Nov. 24, 2013
    I purchased a Cub Cadet 528SWE on 10/27/2010. The first year, it broke after a few uses. The dealer repaired it under warranty. Since then the auger drive cable broke last year, and was repaired at my expense. Once again, there is an issue with the auger drive cable. So far, this Cub Cadet has been a big disappointment.
    • Performance
    • Interior
    • Quality & Reliability
    • Overall Value
  • Awesome snow eater
    By harold bertke(Owner), Jan. 28, 2014
    The only thing i did not like about this machine is the auger control just purchased for a michigan snow fall about 12 inches did awesome this is my first snow blower but would recommend just hard to position auger on fly with negitive temps. adjust and go the machine will preform. I have only used it once but very happy was looking for other brand. No disappointment for this machine
    • Performance
    • Interior
    • Quality & Reliability
    • Overall Value
  • Starter falls off
    By A Johnson(Owner), Feb. 4, 2014
    I have had the Cub Cadet 528 SWE snow blower for about 5 years now, and when it starts it is a great machine. Only problem is, after around 2 - 8 hours use, the starter comes loose and ruins the starter gears and now the main drive gear. This is third time. Tried using lactate to hold bolts in. but apparently just too much vibration for way the starter attaches. dealer says yes, this is a problem, just have to keep fixing it!
    Getting very tiresome. May just throw it away.
    • Performance
    • Interior
    • Quality & Reliability
    • Overall Value

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