Those looking for a powerful, quality snowblower may want to consider the Toro Power Max 1028 LXE. This upper-level machine can handle it all – heavy snow, wet snow, large drifts, etc. Whatever needs to get done this machine can do it.

The heavy duty Toro Power Max 1028 LXE comes with a 10 horsepower Tecumseh Snow King engine which can throw snow an impressive 45 feet. With a joystick chute control you can easily rotate the chute to get snow exactly where you need it. And with the Toro Power Max Auger system – moving snow quickly past the auger and out the chute – you’ll never get stuck in a big drift. Toro has also cut down on the frequency of blockages by expanding the base of the chute.

At 250 pounds this is no lightweight snowblower, but the freewheel steering design makes it easy to move around. As for maintenance, Toro has thought ahead by making shear pins a breeze to change. All in all this machine is heavy duty and should only be considered if you need a snowblower that can do serious work all the time. Otherwise you may regret having such a large machine for clearing a few inches of snow every now and then.

The Toro Power Max 1028 LXE is tough, powerful, and has the backing of one of the most excellent snowblower brands out there. You can’t go wrong with this machine to clear even the most incredible snowfalls – because this machine is designed to handle it all.