Toro Power Clear 421Q Review

By Staff, Sep. 23, 2010
The Toro Power Clear 421Q is an excellent machine for most consumers, as it has the size and power to get the job done without paying for all the extras you donít need. This Toro model comes with an optional electric start, in case you are tired of the pull-start models and want to be able to quickly and reliably start your machine in any weather.

Weighing 80 pounds, the Toro Power Clear 421Q is pretty easy to maneuver, especially since this model comes with a propelling system that uses the rotors to pull the machine forward. However, this also means that the snowblower can only be used on paved surfaces.

With a 5.5 horsepower, 4-cycle engine the Toro Power Clear 421Q  is able to launch snow up to 35 feet, and can also clear up to 1800 pounds per minute. This is important for those with large driveways or walkways, because it means you never have to spend all afternoon clearing your driveway. Since it can handle regular, heavy, or wet snow itís a great choice for those who are considering more robust (and expensive) models, but donít like the large sticker prices.

All in all, thereís nothing bad you can say about the Toro Power Clear 421Q snowblower. It clears snow quickly and effectively, itís relatively lightweight, and itís a Toro! This model should be near the top of everyoneís snowblower wish list.

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