Those looking for an entry-grade gas snowblower can get good value out of the Toro Power Clear 210R. Weighing just 73 pounds, this Toro single-stage is easy to wield and has a 141 two-cycle engine. Able to clear up to 1,700 pounds of snow per minute this machine can throw what it picks up an impressive  30 feet. The Toro can clear up to 8-inch snowfalls, more if you are willing to make a few passes. The Toro Power Clear 210R is an excellent choice for those who need a bit more power, but still a lightweight and affordable machine.

Made with a commercial-grade engine, this machine comes with a two-year guarantee – so if you do have problems down the road you know you’ll be covered. And the fact that Toro is known for high-quality, long lasting machines goes a long way to boosting consumer confidence in its products.

However, the Toro Power Clear 210R is not without its faults, which is common to the less robust machines. As a single stage snowblower it can only function on paved surfaces, so gravel driveways are out of the question. Also, the two-cycle engine means that you have to mix oil and gas, which is not only cumbersome but makes for a less efficient machine.

Overall the Toro Power Clear 210R is affordable, is light enough for most people to handle, and has good clearing capacity. For a machine that usually costs around $600 it is very good value for the money and will come in handy during those heavy snowfalls.