Homeowners looking for a lightweight, entry-level and economical snowblower should consider the Toro 1800. This single-stage electric snowblower is perfect for those intermittent, light snowfalls, provided you are only using it on a flat surface. This unit should allow you to clear your drive or walkway in a cinch without every having to worry about running out of gas.

The key here is that this is a machine that is not meant for everyday use – unless you get less than 10 inches of snow per dump and it is very light and fluffy. Since this is a single-stage machine it does not self-propel, so you will need to push it. Also, since it is electric-powered you will need to have a long enough extension cord to reach the areas you need to clear.

The Toro 1800 comes with a 12-amp motor, and is able to clear a path of 18 inches at a time. Weighing just 24 pounds, this is the perfect machine for those who don’t want to expend a lot of physical effort to clear their driveway. When you need to store this machine away for the winter, you can hang it on a hook out of the way.

Although you do need to assemble this machine, the easy use of the Toro 1800 and the fact that it is very light and easy to use makes it an excellent choice for first-time snowblower buyers. Even if you do get an occasional heavy snow, this machine should be able to handle it in a few passes.