Looking for a heavy duty snowblower with lots of options and quality construction? Then it’s time to introduce yourself to the Honda HS724. There are two separate models in this series – the HS724WA and the HA724TA, and each offers it own benefits for snowblower shoppers.

Both models are two stage and can move serious amounts of snow – up to 50 tons per hour with the HA724TA and slightly less than that for the HS724WA. Both models are perfect for personal use and are compact enough to store away between seasons. However, they can both come through and perform admirably in commercial situations as well.

At 200 pounds these are not lightweight snowblowers, but they both feature the impressive Honda GX200 engine. Able to operate for over 3 hours on a single tank of gas, you’ll never be left high and dry in the middle of a clearing job with either of these machines. Also featuring a 24-inch clearing width, the Honda HA724 makes short work of snowy driveways and walkways, or even parking lots. Honda has also incorporated heavy-duty ice breaking augers that are contained in a metal housing, so no matter what Mother Nature throws at you this snowblower can handle it. Overall, Honda has ensured that this snowblower can get through the worst ice and snow without slowing down with snow jams or broken parts.

Able to throw snow an incredible 46 feet, operators will have a blast firing snow across their yards, and the chute can rotate up to 210 degrees for optimal snow placement. As with all Honda machines, the HS724 is made to last, and is worth the investment for the years of quality snow removal it will give you.

So which model should you choose? The answer depends on the surface you plan to use your snowblower on, as the HA724TA comes with a track drive system that helps you get around, although it is a few hundred dollars more. So, if you are using your snowblower on variable inclined surfaces, or have to get around multiple corners the HA724TA may be the model for you.

On the other hand, without the track drive system the HS724WA model does have its advantages, as in 4 more inches of clearance. So what’s better – a higher degree of maneuverability or being able to clear more snow? It’s really up to the individual, the conditions, and the budget.

In conclusion, if you have the need to clear a lot of snow, fast and want a snowblower from a company that is known for producing long-lasting machines then the Honda HA724 snowblower will exceed your expectations. Before you balk at the sticker price think of all the hours of use you are going to get out of this machine, and whether it is worth the headache to buy something less robust from a less reliable brand. At the very least see if you and your neighbor can go in on one together – because if you live in an area with heavy snow this is one machine you are going to be thankful for!