Sometimes you need a strong machine to do the job, and the Craftsman 88957 is definitely up for it. This two-stage gas snowblower is moderately priced, yet delivers for heavier snowfalls. The 24-inch clearing width is excellent for wider driveways and larger clearing areas, and as it is a two-stage machine it can be used on non-paved surfaces – including gravel and grass.

The Craftsman 88957 is self-propelled, making it much easier to power through snow drifts and up inclines. It also features single hand operation, so you don’t have to stop snowblowing to adjust the chute. This can come in really handy when you are dealing with large area as it will help you complete the job faster.

This machine does have a few drawbacks. For one, the small engine can be a downside when you are dealing with large drifts or wet snow, consumers may find that it bogs down a bit. Also there is no power steering, so manual exertion is still needed to get around corners. Those who are buying a snowblower because their backs can’t handle shovelling may want to look for a more advanced model. Also for some reason you have to pay more for headlights on the Craftsman 88957, which seems odd when you consider that almost every other manufacturer includes them in their base models.

Overall the Craftsman 88957 performs well, and for the price of just over $500 this is a good quality machine that will manage regular use in areas that receive more frequent and larger snowfalls.