Consumers looking for a great snowblower can rely on the Ariens Compact Series 624E. This reasonably-priced machine delivers all the quality we have come to expect from Ariens, along with the horsepower you need to get the job done. As a bonus the Ariens Compact Series 624E takes up very little space, so it is perfect for homeowners who don’t have a lot of storage capacity.

The two-stage, 6 horsepower Tecumseh engine provides ample power for the toughest jobs, and the 24-inch clearing width makes your snowclearing job go much more quickly. In addition, the Ariens Compact Series 624E can clear snow up to 17.5 inches deep and has 6 forward speeds. All these options are designed to make clearing deep, heavy drifts a breeze, and the 6 horsepower engine ensures you never get bogged down.

When clearing snow the 12-inch impeller really shows the snow who’s boss, and can throw what it clears up to 35 feet. The snow chute is easy to rotate, and can move up to 200 degrees to give you the proper angle. Another great feature of the Ariens Compact Series 624E is a push button electronic start, which ensures you don’t have to fight your snowblower to get it started on especially cold days.

At about $700, the Ariens Compact Series 624E is certainly not the least expensive model out there, but for the price it offers an exceptional blend of power and features in a compact design.