Have a walkway or smaller driveway you’d like some help clearing of snow. These five cheap electric snowblowers have you covered.

As winter trudges along, you’re probably like me and getting tired of shoveling snow all the time. For big jobs, like long driveways and such, a bigger snowblower is the way to go. But for those smaller tasks, such as a shorter driveway or walkway, cheap electric snowblowers make a ton of sense. Not only will it quickly and quietly get the snow out of your way, but also do that task with very little maintenance. The best part of today’s electric snowblowers is you don’t have to spend a small fortune to get one that will work extremely well for what you need it to do.

Why Electric?

An electric snowblower has some distinct advantages, especially for use in small areas. They are compact, and almost all are single-stage machines. The simplicity of an electric engine cuts down on weight significantly, making them easier to handle, a plus for elderly users. Plus with no gas to worry about, maintenance is easier as is storage. Here are five cheap electric snowblowers you can pick up without breaking the bank.

WEN 5662 Snow Blaster 

WEN 5662 Snow Blaster: Cheap Electric Snowblowers

The WEN 5662 Snow Blaster is a little snowblower that packs a punch with a 13.5-amp electric motor that will move up to 490 pounds of snow per minute. It has six-inch wheels and is small and lightweight, making it a good choice for small areas like walkways for apartments. The best part is the price. At just over $100, it sure beats shoveling!

Snow Joe Ultra SJ625E

Snow Joe Ultra SJ625E: Cheap Electric Snowblowers

The Snow Joe Ultra SJ625E is no joke! It is a 15-amp, 21-inch snowblower that is great for driveways and walkways. It’ll move up to 800 pounds of snow per minute and comes with a two-year warrant. Snow Joe is one of the bigger names in electric snowblowers and right now there have been some great deals on them, making them a great buy.

Power Smart DB5023

Power Smart DB5023: Cheap Electric Snowblowers

The Power Smart DB5023 snowblower is a 13-amp, 18-inch wide unit that is small, compact and as the name implies, smart and simple. This is what is referred to often as a power shovel, meaning it isn’t loaded with features or power, but it beats a shovel for light work and costs very little, making it a great buy.

Toro 38381

Toro 38381: Cheap Electric Snowblowers

You know the name Toro for a reason. Toro is the number one selling brand of power equipment in the world. When you buy a Toro, you know you’re getting quality. The Toro 38381 is a 15-amp, 18-inch wide snowblower that will handle 700 pounds of snow per minute. The design of the blades helps clean snow down to the pavement to make for a more efficient use of your time.

Greenworks PRO 20

Greenworks PRO 20: Cheap Electric Snowblowers

The Greenworks Pro 20 is a 20-inch cordless electric. It runs on an 80-volt battery pack that is rechargeable. On a full charge, the Pro will run for 45 minutes, plenty of time to clear most driveways. Cordless is a nice touch because the number one issue people run into with an electric snowblower is running over the cords. There are other cordless snowblowers out there, but this one is a great buy for the money and one you should seriously look at.