There are literally hundreds of snowblower models out there, so how do you know which one to choose? It may take some research, but with a little work you can find out how to choose the best snowblower for your needs. By following the five steps below you can narrow down the field of snowblowers to find one to suit you.

Step One: Gas Snowblower or Electric Snowblower?

The majority of snowblowers on the market are gas fuelled, but electric snowblowers are gaining in popularity quickly. Choosing the best snowblower depends on your personal circumstances, which means you have to determine whether you need gas or electric to get the job done. For the most part gas snowblowers are more robust and can power through heavier snow, although electric snowblowers are becoming more powerful every year. Generally, if you have a lot of snow you are likely better off with a gas model.

Step Two: Snowblower Engines

Not all snowblowers are the same and the engine is one of the main components that dictate whether or not a machine is a good one. Most snowblowers use Briggs & Stratton or Tecumseh engines, which are fairly reliable, but one should still ensure that the engine used by a snowblower is one with a good reputation and no recurring problems.

Step Three: Engine Size

While it may save you money to buy a snowblower with a smaller engine, this won’t do you much good if it can’t keep up with demand in snowfall. The heavier the average snowfall, the more horsepower you are going to need. A good indicator of how much horsepower you need is to talk to neighbors with snowblowers. In a pinch you can ask a snowblower sales associate for advice, but keep in mind it’s in their best interest to sell you a more expensive model.

Step Four: Dual Stage or Single Stage

Like the engine, how many stages the snowblower you buy has will have a direct effect on how easy of a job you will have clearing snow. Only consider a single stage snowblower if you have very light snowfalls, as they won’t perform well in heavy snow. A dual stage snowblower will help break up wet or heavy snow, and will be able to throw snow farther away – so you with have a clearer sidewalk or driveway, instead of large banks directly adjacent to where you are clearing.

Step Five: Find the Best Snowblower

Once you have decided the type of snowblower you like, you can then start researching individual snowblower models. Find models that have a good track record of positive reviews before you consider buying. Then you can keep an eye out for your chosen models, and see if they have any specials or clearance sales.

The process of finding the best snowblower takes time. If you rush into buying a snowblower then you may end up with a purchase you regret. If you really want a good model, then a little research will be time well spent.